"Wanderer Remixes" EP released November 18th on 12" and download

Ilya Beshevli's sophomore album "Wanderer", which was released in May 2016 gets a reworking of the title track by Dutch lo-fi house producer Kai Hugo aka Palmbomen as well as label mate/minimalist composer Ryan Teague in a new EP entitled "Wanderer Remixes" out on 12" and download from November 18th. 

London duo Simian Mobile Disco remix The Traveller’s Night Song which was premiered earlier this year on Thump. 

Here's what they said about it...

Despite the likes of Kate Simko and Jeff Mills proving that the concert hall and the club can align, some are a tad suspicious about what happens when orchestras and kick-drums combine —just think of those terrible events when a provincial cellist smashes through a set of Faithless covers and you'll never want to even look at a french horn again. Forget all that though. Leave your preconceptions in the cloakroom and join us on a journey with Ilya Beshevli and Simian Mobile Disco.

Ilya Beshevli is a 23 year old Siberian piano prodigy. Simian Mobile Disco are Simian Mobile Disco. They've decided to work together and the result is a gorgeously spangled remix of Beshevl's "The Traveller's Night Song", which is taken from his album Wanderer.

SMD's Jas shaw told THUMP that, "Although we had decided not to do any remixes while we got stuck into making some new SMD stuff the prospect of remixing something by Ilya, a young modern classical composer, seemed a sufficiently unlikely pairing that we immediately knew that we ought to have a go. I'm glad we did too, Ilya's arrangement fitted surprisingly easily into our music, and it's not every day that you get to squeeze an orchestra through a synthesiser."

The result is a strangely bucolic and beguiling bit of pastoral-techno that sounds like everything great that Superpitcher ever made played at the same time. Rolling on for nearly seven minutes "The Traveller's Night Song" is about as lovelorn and heart-rending a track as you'll hear in a club all year."

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