Ryan Teague

Ryan Teague is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Bristol. His music combines acoustic instrumentation and arrangements with electronic and processed material, the results of which incorporate Minimalism, Ambient and Electroacoustic music. With a string of releases under his belt for labels such as Village Green, Sonic Pieces and Type Records.Working with an array of instruments and sound sources, Teague blurs the line between organic and processed sound resulting in a unique range of soundscapes which now define his signature sound. His style of recording combines structured composition with improvised spontaneity making for highly original contemporary works. As well as writing and producing albums Ryan also produces music and sound design for various Film & Television productions. Most recently Ryan has extensively studied Javanese Gamelan music, including a 9-month study period spent in Central Java, Indonesia. Ryan's wide ranging influences and mastery of multiple disciplines are real markers of his eclectic body of work.


Field Drawings

Ryan Teague

CD / LP / DL

'Field Drawings' is Ryan Teague's third solo album and a welcome return from the Bristol-based composer/producer. 'Field Drawings’ twelve relatively brief essays, graph paper solemnity is always kept at bay by Teague’s robust approach to melody and his ability to evoke a consistent mood, one that’s neither euphoric nor melancholy but which remains irrefutably ‘heightened’, even dream-like, throughout. Preferring the emotional tug evoked by the enmeshing of simple, contrapuntal melody lines and the glowing properties of modulating major-to-minor chord sequences set against pretty, arpeggiating note clusters. It begins like a Michael Nyman film theme running backwards and is then inexorably engulfed by stratus clouds of Avro Part-like legato strings.

Block Boundaries

Ryan Teague

CD / LP / DL

'Block Boundaries' is the new album from composer Ryan Teague. The album demonstrates a sonic and thematic shift towards a more focused and energised sound. Where previous material was often pastoral, 'Block Boundaries' moves boldly towards a more urban sound, all the time retaining Teague's recognisable minimalist themes. Inspired by the theme of Psychogeography, the record fuses acoustic instrumentation with electronic and processed material, taking the listener on a hallucinogenic Ballardian journey through the thrumming urban activity of New York, Amsterdam and London.

'Last Known Position' is the first single from 'Block Boundaries', Teague's fifth album, and it demonstrates a sonic and thematic shift towards a more focused and energised sound. Teague beautifully extends the album version of 'Last Known Position' for the EP, taking it into new, unchartered territory to enthralling effect. The EP is completed with a brilliant selection of guest remixers. Warp duo Plaid provide an excellent, upbeat reworking of the title track, while techno aficionado The Field delivers a rolling techno number. The EP concludes with a pulsating reinterpretation from Glasweigan three-piece Errors.

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Ryan Teague & Angèle David-Guillou Live At The Union Chapel


Ryan Teague will premiere 'Storm or Tempest May Stop Play' for Javanese Gamelan at the Union Chapel, London on 18th July 2015.

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