Jim Copperthwaite - Ballroom Ghosts and short film available now

Our final album of 2017 comes from composer Jim Copperthwaite. Ballroom Ghosts is an expansive new work from a masterful artist of both classical form and musical innovation.

Writing this album, Jim became fascinated with the idea of the residue of the people and music that once filled now often empty spaces: 

"The album explores the idea that the moments that brought life to a space somehow permeate its fabric and continue to reside in the space long after its heyday - a patina of sound and people. Among the dilapidation and dust exist the faint spectres of the dancers that took to its floors and the music that fuelled their graceful interplay." 

Find out more about the creative processes behind Ballroom Ghosts with this short film shot on Jim's farm:

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