Watch the video for V for Visconti by Angèle David-Guillou

Watch the gripping short film accompanying Angèle David-Guillou's 'V for Visconti' ahead of the release of her second album En Mouvement, out on 13th October.

Award-winning director Pete Riski had the following to say on the process behind the film:

"In late 2016 when I heard Angèle's track "V for Visconti" for the first time, it immediately created a picture of a mother protecting her child, running away from something very dark. I wanted to keep the story as simple as possible and focus on the relationship between the mother and child. That pure love that she feels. Of course, the casting is one of the key elements in a story like this. We went through several options and soon discovered Milla who seemed perfect in every way for the part. On the shoot, she got very deep into character and delivered a truly amazing performance.’

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