Dream Voyager EP

"Dream Voyager is completely influenced by my experiences with sleep paralysis – feeling conscious but locked in your dream world whilst it takes place around you in your paralysed state. It’s like you become a witness to your own dream. It’s a portal of confusion where the narrative is blurred. You become the dream voyager." - Anthony Tombling Jr, CUTS.

Reflecting these experiences, the electric hum, pounding drums and indistinct vocals (Patti Aberhart) of 'Dream Voyager' provide a perfect introduction to the eight tracks that comprise the tenebrous 'EXIST' EPs. Developing the mood of that project even further, Slowdive remould 'Dream Voyager' in their image by adding a pulsating heartbeat and swathes of hazy, atmospheric guitar while Chatwin transforms the tune into a turbulent workout decked with cascading analogue synths and wild, distorted percussion.