Dream Voyager EP

LP / Digital

'Dream Voyager', taken Anthony Tombling Jr’s recent CUTS EP 'EXIST 1', gets the remix treatment. The original’s electric hum, pounding drums and indistinct vocals are reassembled by shoegaze heavyweights Slowdive and Village Green labelmate Ben Chatwin. The former remould the tune in their image by adding a pulsating heartbeat and swathes of atmospheric guitar while on the other side, Chatwin transforms the tune almost beyond recognition, decked with cascading analogue synths and distorted percussion.

"Dream Voyager is completely influenced by my experiences with sleep paralysis – feeling conscious but locked in your dream world whilst it takes place around you in your paralysed state. It’s like you become a witness to your own dream. You enter another reality and that can be quite terrifying. It’s a portal of confusion where the narrative is blurred. You become the voyager – the dream voyager. I’m delighted Slowdive and Ben Chatwin have reinterpreted it. They have both taken my original and put their stamp on it.”

- Anthony Tombling, Jr, CUTS