John Matthias & Jay Auborn

Pretoria Remixed EP

The sweeping sonic explorations of 'Pretoria', from John Matthias and Jay Auborn's 2017 album 'Race To Zero', are reinterpreted on this four-track remix EP due for release on March 2nd 2018. Recent Village Green signing Moon Gangs takes the reins first, delivering a thunderous take on the original's faster-paced second half. Typically of the artist, the track builds and builds in intensity, climaxing with evocative, layered synths. Bristol's CUTS strip back the elements for a much darker reworking. A single, repeating piano note echoes into open space alongside the original's violins before clattering percussion and synths enter the mix for the most foreboding turn of the release. Listen below. 

Closing the EP, John Cummings, formerly of Mogwai, also bases his reinterpretation around the original's piano. But where CUTS leans on moody darkness, Cummings' take is more upbeat, courtesy of a driving four to the floor kick and fidgety, high-pitched piano.