Ben Chatwin


12" Vinyl / CD / Digital

'THE HUM' is Ben Chatwin's odyssey exploring liminal states. By amplifying barely audible frequencies and harnessing the trace ghost frequencies in magnetic tape, Chatwin has created a rich and layered work. "There are so many sounds around us that are lower and higher than we can hear," Ben says. "I wanted to make it all audible."

Taking inspiration from Mika Vainio's physical sound worlds and Jóhann Jóhannsson's immersive soundtracks, The Hum's emotive accumulations and caustic textures form dense stratas, with strings and analogue synths harnessed as melodic anchor points among electric storms of pulsating sound.


'The Hum' is issued on heavy weight vinyl and CD digi-pak (Design by Dylan Kendle) and is available on all streaming services now