Ellis Island Sound

Inspired by the main flow of their critically revered 2014 Krautrock-meets-Afrobeat longplayer 'Regions', 'Divisions' is another fertile marriage between motorik Mitteleuropapulse and subtropical guitar and percussion textures. This time, however, the emphasis is less on throbbing, Neu!-beat-propelled blow-outs and more on intricate, highly melodic arrangements for guitars, keyboards and tuned percussion, with a spacious sound palette propelled by polyrhythmic marimbas and xylophones and layered with infectious lead lines and choral vocals – the latter sourced by Astor and Sheppard from dusty archive recordings and manipulated into subtle, stirring descants on several tracks.

  1. Nothing Is Lost
  2. Water Library
  3. Asa Kusa
  4. Envoi
  5. Mombassadorf
  6. Maple Gardens
  7. Home Time

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