Ryan Teague
Field Drawings

'Field Drawings' is the third solo album from Bristol-based composer/producer, Ryan Teague. Its twelve relatively brief essays demonstrate Teague’s robust approach to melody and his ability to evoke a consistent mood, one that’s neither euphoric nor melancholy but which remains heightened, even dream-like, throughout. Preferring the emotional tug evoked by the enmeshing of simple, contrapuntal melody lines and the glowing properties of major-to-minor chord sequences set against pretty, arpeggiating note clusters, it begins like a Michael Nyman film theme running backwards and is then  engulfed by stratus clouds of Arvo Pärt-like legato strings.

  1. Shadow Play
  2. Cadastral Survey
  3. Cascades
  4. Counter Turn
  5. Games For Two
  6. Prime Movers
  7. Summary Of The Article
  8. Cell Cycle
  9. Anesidora
  10. Neo
  11. Tetramery
  12. Tableau III

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