Snow Palms

'Intervals' is a mellifluous, chiming sound-world, marrying liquid gamelan soundscapes with English orchestral pastoralism (‘Atoll’, ‘White Sea’), Krzysztof Komeda-esque soundtrack mystery (‘Snow Light’, ‘Swimming Figures’, ‘In Camera’), beguiling, Yann Tiersen-like themes (‘Premonition’, ‘Blue Yonder’) and playful woodwind/strings/percussion face-offs infused with the spirit of Moondog (‘Motion Capture’, ‘Delta Switching’). Echoes of Terry Riley’s minimalist opus 'In C' flicker amid the pulsing keyboards and interleaved raindrop xylophones of ‘Index of Rivers’ while the teeming, pointillist coda of ‘Light Museum’ nods to polymeter mallet master Steve Reich. 

  1. Snow Light
  2. Atoll
  3. Blue Yonder
  4. In Camera
  5. Index Of Rivers
  6. Motion Capture
  7. White Sea
  8. Premonition
  9. Swimming Figures
  10. Delta Switching
  11. Light Museum

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