Ryan Teague - Last Known Position (Video)

Ryan Teague's 'Last Known Position' video directed by Björn Rühmann has landed. Rühmann who cut his teeth working in the world of branding and commercials, is most widely known for his witty and innovative approach towards high profile projects for Puma, Dell and Mercedes Benz. With this latest work, Rühmann explores new terrain with his interpretation of 'Last Known Position', a hypnotic track that's highly evocative of dream states, urban landscapes and atmospheres.

'There's something in Ryan's music that speaks to our deepest instincts, to our soul, our subconscious mind and memory' says Rühmann, who took the trance like qualities of Teague's music, and recast it within the theme of sleep walking. His interest in parasomniac activity had been prompted by a true story of a man who killed his father-in-law whilst sleepwalking, an action he had no recollection of when he woke up.

'It's a captivating idea that we all have a subconscious force within us that can take control over us, or rather over our body — as if something else remote-controls us. It's mysterious, mesmerizing and scary at the same time.' 'Last Known Position' follows the nocturnal journey of a sleepwalking woman, observing her unusual, disturbing and complex behaviours.

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Buy 'Last Known Position' by clicking here.