Dead Light

Dead Light Remixed

Following on from their self-titled debut album, Dead Light return with a four-track remix EP, crafting originals ‘Sleeper’, ‘Falling In’ and ‘Trills’ into potent and thoughtful re-imaginings. Andrea Belfi opens the EP with his version of ‘Sleeper’, a haunting, driving hymn. It’s vamped with full reverb, wide open spaces, and rolls forward with sparse and purposeful drum-work. Rafael Anton Irisarri aka The Sight Below twists ‘Sleeper’ into a club-focused anthem - warm synth programming melds seamlessly into the angelic vocals. Border Community’s Luke Abbott takes the EP once again into another direction, taking on 'Falling In' and moving away from the A-side’s blissful grandeur and into darker waters. Closing the EP, Dead Light do their own remix of ‘Trills’. As if an epilogue, or afterthought to the original, the pair exercise their hand at ambient, reining in the tempo to provide a gently swaying reverie.