A Portrait of: Thomas William Hill

Musically 'Grains of Space' began taking form as a series of minimal loops, recorded using a viola da gamba – a stringed instrument most popular in the Renaissance and Baroque eras – and a loop pedal. But the genesis of the album and it's title was something altogether more cosmic and expansive.

In this intimate portrait video directed by Sam Davis and shot by Yannick Hausler, multi instrumentalist and composer Thomas William Hill delves into the process and inspirations underlying his latest album on Village Green Recordings.

“I began to see these loops - and recorded music in general - as a kind of fixed perspective that could be exploited. In isolation, a single layer may be no more than one or two notes punctuating four bars of silence, but when laid over multiple variations on that theme, disparate notes start to dance with each other and new connections take form, like constellations or deconstructed sentences.”