Watch new video 'Transistor' from Ben Chatwin

‘Transistor’ is the visceral new single from Ben Chatwin's much anticipated sixth solo album of experimental music under his own name. 

Entitled THE HUM, it is a project where the artist sought to amplify the hidden frequencies that swirl invisibly around us in the air all the time including the 50Hz hum of the power grid that producers will know all too well from the studio, but is almost undetectable to the human ear. "There are so many sounds around us that are lower and higher than we can hear," Ben says. "I wanted to make it all audible."

For the video Ben worked with visual artist Morgan Behringer whose interpretation connected the audible with the visual to create a soaring ride through stormy seas and skies.

Watch the full video on the artist's Youtube.

Pre-order THE HUM (Out on Village Green November 6th)