Watch the video for 'Dream Voyager' by CUTS

"Dream Voyager is influenced from my experiences with sleep paralysis. It’s like you slip into this separate reality which can be a bit terrifying at first. It’s like you become a witness to your own dream." - Anthony Tombling, CUTS

Watch the hallucinatory video for 'Dream Voyager' by CUTS, taken from April's 'EXIST' EPs, also release alongside two stellar remixes from Slowdive and Ben Chatwin in July. Directed by VFX artist Patrick Blades, he transforms the night terrors and sleep paralysis Tombling experienced following a car crash into a bizarre sequence of warped, contorting characters. 

Blades says: "Anthony wanted his vision of sleep paralysis to feel nondescript but bizarre, kind of like a surreal take on google maps where the passers-by are distorted by time."

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